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Beyond the Salon Resource Institution

The Beyond the Salon Resource Institution is a a comprehensive information hub for beauty professionals, entrepreneurs, and customers* who would like resourceful and beneficial information.


Q: Who are we?


A: Beyond the Salon Resource Institution is just that…a place to connect with to find resources that will help you in your business. Rather you are contemplating ownership, new in business, a seasoned business owner, or an employee seeking resources or guidance to help catapult your business to the next level…at your pace. We also make available some practical information and education to our customers*.

Q: How do we do that? 


A: There are a number of ways to assist people seeking help. We start with a brief questionnaire to understand the nature of your business or passion and the areas you feel you need assistance with. If we ARE able, we will let you know! Next is a virtual discovery call that helps us narrow what areas to target and will help us find the best strategies for you! 

Q: What type of strategies are created or used?


A: For some, it could simply be an answer to a question. For others, it may require a few mentoring

sessions, one-on-one or group. Some may desire education to get the solutions they're seeking.

When something is beyond our expertise or familiarity, we have many resources to point you in the

right direction. That is why our program is called The Resource Institution.


Q: How long does it take? 


A: While we LOVE working with anyone who has a passion, our goal is not to have you

“hooked” on our institution forever! Everyone is different as to what they need and the pace

they’d like to go. After an honest assessment, we decide together what’s a realistic but necessary

amount of time to help you accomplish your goal. 


Q: How do we know what education you provide?


A: Please access our education calendar to see what events are provided.

*Those that customers (non-beauty professionals or entrepreneurs) can attend are

marked as consumer events. 

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The Resource Institution
The Resource Institution
The Resource Institution
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