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Keeping you safe

Covid-19 Best Practices & New Implementations

With the onset of the pandemic, we realized the importance of flexibility and quick adaptation. Managing fear levels of our salon guests about the unknown was our top priority. A few years in, we will probably continue to do this as we service many customers who are all on different levels.


Fortunately, many suggestions to minimize the spread of disease are already a requirement of the State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers. For those who are NOT aware though, here are a few things that we have either continued or implemented to keep the best possible healthy environment. 

  • hSsS regularly reassesses and updates our facility’s ventilation system. We open windows and doors to the outside, if this does not create safety risks, and utilizing fans to properly flow fresh air when the weather is feasible helps prevent potentially contaminated air to spread, rids the air of any potential pathogens, not just COVID-19.

  • We have implemented portable air filtration systems with HEPA filters.

  • We provide tools to promote healthy behaviors by both employees and customers. Making hand sanitizer easily available, providing tissues, soap, and disposable masks if requested, and using no-touch trash cans all help limit potential virus spread.

  • Our restrooms are being updated to include touchless sinks, toilets, and hand dryer systems.

  • Frequently clean all areas of the workplace, especially high-contact surfaces, and areas. Sinks and chairs are sanitized after each use. As always tools, smocks, and slippers are constantly cleaned and sanitized after each use on a person.

  • We try our best to keep updated with CDC guidelines and are proactive in asking service providers and clients to remain at home if they are sick or have signs of sickness. At the very least, it’s a courtesy to wear a mask if signs of any sickness is present.

  • New non-fabric waiting chairs make them easier to clean and disinfect.

  • New portable stations help to create more social distancing as needed.

hSsS also uses touchless sensors on sinks and toilets, socially distanced mobile working stations, and reclining shampoo sinks  featuring the ECOHEADS sprayers:

The ECOHEADS Sprayer is an innovative patent-pending spray nozzle that delivers 100% more pressure than other standard spray heads on the market today while also reducing the overall flow rate of your water.In addition to saving water for your salon or barbershop, the ECOHEADS Sprayer's innovative design increases water pressure, providing a "bubbly" effect that feels great on the scalp, resulting in a more relaxed and enhanced client salon experience. It is a wonderful tool for hair loss specialists and trichologists as it will help further stimulate hair growth and blood flow to the scalp of your clients.

The built-in filter reduces rust, sand, and other debris from the water as it enters the spray head.

The ECOHEADS Sprayer also includes stones made of Magenetite, Red Clay Ceramic, Sericite and Tourmaline. As the water passes through the chamber of the eco-stones, negative ions are introduced into the water. The stones also increase dissolved oxygen content, dramatically reducing bacteria, pathogens, and reduces the impact of chlorine levels in the water.

Our goal is to continue to create a safe and healthy environment for our clients in the face of a pandemic or just on a regular basis so that they will feel completely comfortable!

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