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The Backstory


Origin of Beauty Meets Health Wellness Boutique

The back story: Conversations in the barber shop about health, vitamins, supplements, and physiology are about as frequent as conversations about a Super Bowl or NBA playoffs! In 2000, Eric (he Said) had a major stroke that physicians found at the time difficult to explain medically. Why would someone without high blood pressure, a fitness enthusiast, and at such a young age be prone to such a drastic ailment? Theories were formed, but perhaps we will never know what the true catalyst was. After intense therapy and years of relentless determination, most will not even know that this was ever an affliction Eric dealt with.

Everything happens for a reason…many things developed in life from this. One was Eric’s developing interest in being more in-tuned to how the body works and the natural things that can help make it work more efficiently. While not a fanatic about how a person chooses to take care of their bodies, he doesn’t mind sharing, when asked, that in whatever a person chooses to do they should do research and know the whys. LaDonna (she Said) noticed the improvements in her own health when she would heed the advice and not be stubborn at times. Some jokingly began to call Eric “Dr. E” but his goal is never to wear the hat of a physician. But if he can share a little knowledge along the way about something that he has researched could benefit another’s health, he will do so.

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Beauty Meets Health Wellness Boutique is Born


Beauty Meets Health Wellness Boutique is a blend of he Said she Said’s favorite beauty/health things and a resource to help discover the whys and to create beneficial strategies. You may find the following in the Beauty Meets Health Wellness Boutique:

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While there are some things that work well for all, Hair Loss Strategies are certainly not a one size fits all program.

There are several factors that contribute to hair loss and several strategies that could restore a healthy hair and scalp environment. We encourage anyone who is contemplating any type of strategy to schedule a complimentary hair loss consultation* with LaDonna. Here are the steps to take:

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*Nutrition Support is created and facilitated by Heal Wholistic Nutrition, an independent company from he Said she Said Salon and Beyond but in collaboration with hSsS for hair loss programs to create the best possible successful results for customers. For more information about Nutrition Support, please visit:

Shawnte Coles (@heal_wholistic_nutrition) • Instagram photos and videos

Heal Wholistic Nutrition | Facebook

Heal Wholistic Nutrition - YouTube

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In-Salon Add-On’s (Some Laser Technologies, Scalp Stimulators, etc. may be available for further support if desired)

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