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Founded and opened in 2001 in Savannah, GA  by husband and wife team Eric and LaDonna Dryer, the service providers at he Said she Said Salon and Beyond are not only skilled at what they do, but they are trained and certified in all aspects of hygiene as they perform services. And they're friendly, too! If you ask the owners why opening a salon was important to them, you might be surprised at the answer, “Well it certainly wasn’t because the world or Savannah needed another salon or barber shop. We recognize that most people that enter the industry will at some point want their own too. So we decided that our main goal should be to help persons who work with or for us to reach their max potential …we want to set and try keeping the bar a little high so that those who joined us, (for however long they would be there) might come to know what we’ve discovered. It’s bigger than one salon/barber shop. It’s bigger than one stylist, barber, or service provider. The only way that we TRULY make a difference in how our industry is looked at and respected is if we realize we are not each others competition, and work together to raise the bar. 

"Our industry is like no other industry in the world. We’ve been privileged to grow along with amazingly talented people. We love our industry and it has loved us back.”

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he Said she Said Salon and Beyond offers a variety of services for clients and up-and-coming entrepreneurs:

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