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Creative Space Rentals
Terms & Agreements

Before beginning the reservation process, please read the following:

1. All reservations are made on a first come, first served basis and are secured with a 50% deposit.

2. A Payment of remaining fees associated with rentals are due in full ten days prior to the event.

3. All reservations must be paid by credit/debit card along with associated card fees. Personal checks are not accepted.

4. Set-up and clean-up activities are included in the total rental time requested.

5. NO COOKING is allowed inside the facility space…only food warming.

6. The use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited at the facility unless otherwise approved.

7. A refundable cleaning deposit of $100 (cash only) is required. The deposit is paid to staff upon arrival at the facility and refunded at the conclusion of the event, after staff has checked to assure the facility was left in the same condition as the onset of the rental.

8. Only Painters tape strips are allowed for hanging decorations. Renters are responsible for damage caused if this rule is not adhered to.

9. Your rental of the designated facility space must be utilized for your stated use agreed upon with Dryer Enterprises Inc. Any use of additional space must be approved prior to the event.

10. If additional time is needed after a reservation is made, that time MUST be added no less than 1 WEEK PRIOR to your event.  Please be advised that this time may or may not be permitted. The earlier the additional time is requested, the better chance you will have of this time being permissible.

11. Refund Policies:

  • The closer to the actual reservation date a cancellation is made, the less likely it is that Dryer Enterprises Inc. will be able to re-rent the space for another event or to another Permit Holder. Therefore, reservations should be made with the understanding that only in extraordinary cases will reservation refunds be considered.

  • All refund requests must be submitted in writing. The correspondence should state the
    reason for the cancellatio
    n, along with any requested documentation.

  • Written requests for a refund made prior to three (3) months of the event, 100% of the rental fee will be refunded. Written requests for a refund made prior to two (2) months of the event, 50% of the rental fee will be refunded. Written requests for a refund made less than one (1) month of the event, none of the rental fee will be refunded.

  • Any reservation permitted event or activity at the facility that is canceled at the discretion of Dryer Enterprises will be entitled to a full refund of any fees paid without the requirement for a written refund request.

    Dryer Enterprises Inc. can be contacted by calling or texting (912) 844-4837 or emailing

    Said organization/individual agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Dryer Enterprises Inc. from
    all claims, demands, actions, or causes of bodily action or bodily injury or property damage
    arising from the use of said facility space.

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